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The Travelling Light is a blog dedicated to off-the-beaten path travel, creative work and alternative ways of living, founded by Katie McKnoulty in 2013.

The Travelling Light is about exploring the world and seeking out the places and people shining their own unique light.

The Travelling Light is travelling light, leaving a light footprint wherever you go, moving about the world with a laptop, camera and backpack and seeing where life takes you.

Our mission is to inspire travellers, seekers, digital nomads, entrepreneurs and creatives with new ideas for living, working and wandering.

About Katie

In 2013, Australian writer and photographer, Katie McKnoulty started The Travelling Light after years spent working in travel marketing. Not seeing a place for herself in the working world at the time, she inadvertently began carving out a new path, working online as a freelance brand marketing consultant and writer, travelling the world while she did it. This way of living would come to categorize her as a digital nomad as working remotely without a fixed address became more and more common.

Documenting her travels and life as a digital nomad at The Travelling Light, the blog gained a following of people also searching for more freedom and a different way of life.

What followed were ten years and counting living all over the world, encountering inspiring places and people across North America, Asia and Europe, from Cambodia to Portland, Berlin to Marrakech, Copenhagen to Goa.

Katie came to settle down longer in places, getting to know communities more deeply: at first travellers and digital nomads over months spent in Ubud, Bali, then artists and freelancers over several years in Paris and now smalltown residents and alternative thinkers in central Italy where she is now based.

Her work as a travel writer and photographer (published pieces here) as well as brand marketing consultant centres around unique, positive places and people carving out their own path in life, promoting and supporting a more sustainable, conscious world.

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