Astrocartography: How Places Transform Us

Astrocartography is a discipline of Astrology (it's also known as Relocation Astrology) where your birth chart, which can predict a surprising amount of information about the direction and events of your life as well as your personality, is mapped against the world map. I had my Vedic birth chart read in Bali here.

Lines are drawn on top of a map of the world and places that fall on lines or line intersections are supposed to be more meaningful, powerful, transformative for you. The different lines all have different meanings too,
e.g. your Chiron line is related to addressing your 'wounds' that need healing or your personal gifts/magic (the two are often interlinked) that enhance personal wholeness. Whilst your MC line represents your public "face", your accomplishments, and your overall sense of responsibility and standing in the world/society.

Depending on which line/s fall on the city/place, a place can be very supportive for you, helping you to succeed in an area of your life e.g. relationships or work or self-confidence or they can be very challenging in a certain area of your life, pushing you to change something; remembering challenges can be just as transformative, if not moreso, than support.

The energy of moving to or spending time in these new places awakens something in us, something that was already there but perhaps we'd repressed or ignored it; the change comes from within, the energy to do so comes from without.

That certain places can shift something inside us to inspire, support or challenge us to grow and transform is fascinating to me. And it further validates the reasons why people have periods of their life where they just have to uproot and move cities or where the only option seems to be taking an extended break from their home and regular life somewhere far away. Travel changes and heals us, it helps us to evolve.


How to Create Your Own Astrocartography Chart

Step 1

Gather the info you'll need: name, birth date, birth city (easy), birth time (not so easy). Your birth time should be to the nearest half hour at the very least, you could find it on your birth certificate or your parents may remember (though it's awkward for all when they don't).

Step 2

Input your details into

Step 3

Look up each part of the world you're interested in, clicking on cities and lines all over the map, reading the automatic interpretation for you and that place in the world on the right hand side of the map.

Step 4

You can google the name of each line also to give you some greater depth of meaning behind a certain place falling on a certain line.

Here's a few examples of places that show up on the map and in real life for me as important and my interpretations...


"A stay in these places can help define your goals, giving directional clues regarding your calling and official capacity within the community. Here you will be noticed and receive support, recognition and protection."

It was in Bali that I first felt that I as a traveller belonged to a community. It was here I first met fellow digital nomads (I don't think I'd even really heard the term before!) and felt so much support and love and understanding from people similar in make up and life goals to me. As a result, this place forced me to look at my goals and direction regarding work and living very differently; it was very transformative spending time here and I can't wait to go back.


"These places are unsuitable for acquiring material possessions or speculating financially. You feel relaxed and easy, and pleasantly removed; creative pursuits, as well as becoming involved with transcendental, religious and spiritual subjects have a purpose."

With Brisbane as my hometown, I do feel relaxed and easy here, which I've always worried doesn't force me to step up to all I could be and do. This is the place where I've met most of the important spiritual teachers in my life and my whole family are from here, who are my greatest spiritual teachers.


"Whether you like it or not, it is here that you will be required to demonstrate your strength and uniqueness to the world."

For me, I've always been drawn to live in Paris as long as I could remember, I know it's a cliche but it always felt like more than that. I've only just started to think of Paris as a place I could plausibly base myself but I do feel very free to express myself and find out who my true self is here already. Being so far away from the people I know and in a culture which is quite strong in its own right and different from my own, I'm forced to call on my strength and uniqueness to get me through. In doing so, I feel I'm growing here.

I'd love to know how you go with your chart! Astrology is an incredibly complicated field of study to understand and my grasp is very much that of a beginner but I think it's fun to explore and play! Comment on my Instagram or Facebook with your results : )
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