You Already Know by Helen Jacobs

You Already Know

Helen Jacobs' new book, You Already Know, a guidebook to accessing your intuition and life path.

The main events that have unfolded in my life up until now – work for yourself, travel the world, live on the road, live in Paris, write about it all, run a blog – were made known to me many years ago. Starting from about 12 years back now, the details came in drips and drabs over time. The person who told me this story of a life that sounded pretty bloody great, was Helen Jacobs, psychic, mentor, and now, author. She predicted events, people, locations, an alternative lifestyle and a career I dreamt of deep down, but never voiced or dared to act on. I didn't think I was allowed to have all these things I wanted, they seemed absurd, too good, too far from 'hard work', not things you could make a living doing. Helen told me otherwise.

It all began the evening I went to get a psychic reading from my friend's sister, Helen; she was just practising at the time in the evenings after work. Another friend and I had come together, I remember we were nervous as we'd never done anything like this before. I was working in a marketing job, I had a pretty normal life and didn't expect it to change that much in the near future. What Helen told my friend and I that night about each of our lives was incredible and I've continued to see her for years. The details of how a grand masterplan that at first sounded so beyond my reality could come into focus and existence were slowly released to me over those years, bit by bit, only as and when I was ready to hear them.

Over those years, the things that really stuck in my memory were along the lines of:

"You live in Paris, I see you working from your apartment, writing, you're working alone, you're very happy like this" – I lived in Paris for several years and still call it one of my homes.

"You travel a lot" – I do and I have.

"Travel is the lens through which you see and understand life and the world around you" – it is.

"You help people understand the authentic essence of their business" – that's what I've always loved most about branding and marketing and I channeled this love into The Light Studio).

"You have this magazine" – I like to think of the blog/Instagram as the modern-day magazine, I even printed a zine once, so I think The Travelling Light qualifies, or maybe this one is still in the works...

"It's not a travel magazine/blog, travel is the backdrop, it's a part of the story, but it's really about personal transformation" – funnily enough, while this started as a travel blog/magazine, it morphed, quite beyond my own control, into something else in time.

Helen foretold countless other very specific things in my personal life, years and years in advance, which ended up coming very true in the past year or so.

But these incredible predictions about my life were not the best thing Helen Jacobs imparted on me. The best thing I learned from her was that I had the power to tap into my own intuition, predict my own future, understand the best decisions for me, listen to a deeper, wiser part of myself that helped me to hear what I really wanted over the noise of my fears – she taught me to be my own psychic.

Through Helen, I began to see the universe as a friendly, hospitable place, supportive of my desires and dreams. I learned through living it that when I listened to the inklings I had, intuition as Helen calls it, when I went where I really wanted to go, did the things I longed to do, followed love and joy, despite the impracticalities those decisions often entailed, the rest of my life had a way of falling into place around it.

I learned that I could talk to myself on a higher level, away from the 'reality' and scariness of everyday life and see the bigger picture of what mattered and what was possible for me. I even learned to write to myself, random messages from, I don't know where (automatic writing as it's commonly known), and to write regularly about my feelings and worries as a way to process them and resolve them for myself. I learned that I needed to deal with the people, places and things in my life, my emotions around them, to hear them, process them, heal them, in order to make way for bigger and better things that wanted to rush in. I learned to trust the direction life was asking me to take, however irrational it seemed, learned to ask for guidance from, again, I don't know where, and to recognise the many forms the answers came in.

In her new book, You Already Know, Helen unpacks and explains everything she's learned and practised in her own life following her intuition, everything she taught me and thousands of other psychic reading and mentoring clients, everything you need to know to tap into the things that will help you connect with your desires, your truth, your soul's essence, your highest self.

Helen doesn't want to make you think she's the only one who has the keys to your future, the only one who sees its unfolding. She wants you to be your own psychic because she knows you have that ability, you already know the future you want, better than anyone.

There are practical exercises at the end of every chapter of the book, where you get the chance to process and apply to your life all the things discussed in the preceding chapter. The book walks you through things like intuition and becoming quiet enough to hear it, recognising signs and symbols, talking to spirit guides and your higher self, healing, soul blueprints, discovering your purpose, manifesting and expressing yourself, amongst much more.

Sometimes I don't know if we can even really predict our futures, or if anyone can. I believe that the future is ours to make, first and foremost. Maybe our desires point to a possible future, maybe Helen saw a possible future for me and I ran with it, followed the threads using the tools she gave me and made it happen. So I think it's pretty important, then, to have a direct channel to your own desires, to what you really want, and to find a way to make room in your life, to have the courage and the blueprint to go out and make it happen. This book is a launchpad, a guidebook to help you make the life you dream of happen.

You Already Know is out now in Australia, the UK and the US, available internationally via the link below!

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