I am a Traveller

Lately I've been going through something of an identity crisis. Maybe it's turning 29 a few weeks ago, maybe it's my Saturn Return. Saturn takes around 27-29 years to orbit the sun, going from its position in the sky when you were born returning right back to the same spot again just before you turn 30. Saturn shakes up your life, it kind of makes things go haywire, so you're forced to stop and take responsibility for your life's direction before you descend into adulthood and the next 27 year cycle.

My go-to girl for astrology advice Audra de Wolfe warned about mine coming but I played it cool, I wasn't worried, I'm a traveller, I'm a blogger/freelancer/nomad, my life is en route. No, apparently not.

So the questions I'm asking myself are around travel and the direction of my life. I feel the call to be more settled so I can focus on my freelance work and growing this site (not just by the number of cities in the navigation bar). I'd like to stay in one place longer than a month or two, I want to live in Europe, I want to immerse myself and soak things in deeper, for longer. So would I still be a traveller? I guess I'm realising I would still be me.

p.s. A few Amsterdam pics below!

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