Expanding Consciousness With Kevin Burk

I sometimes get emails from people asking me how I started working online, blogging and travelling, and I always feel I should really write articles in reply. But the truth is, I can tell you the practical things I did, the opportunities that came my way, but underlying the shift to creating a life of my own design wasn't about anything practical. At the root of it all was tuning in to my soul internally and expanding my level of consciousness beyond my current way of thinking so I could then go out into the world and start doing all the things that scared me, the things I knew I had to do.

So what is expanding consciousness? It's a BIG, complicated concept but to me and in the context of what I'm talking about here, I see it as an internal shift that sees you examine and release your own personal limiting beliefs, fears, doubts, worries, judgements so you can make room for more and more truth in how you see the world, how you operate within it. An expansion of consciousness sees you shake up your internal world which usually means your external world has no choice but to change to your benefit as a result. But it comes as feeling better within first, that's the prize, anything positive externally that comes from it is just a nice side effect.

I've had two important spiritual teachers so far in my life who've helped me to expand my consciousness, one of which most recently has been Kevin Burk. An astrologer told me a few years I'd meet an older male teacher at the end of 2015 who would be an important guide for me and I would have to find a way to work with him no matter what. I started having Skype counselling sessions with Kevin around this time and his ideas and words completely changed my world at a time when I was feeling pretty stuck. I pretty soon realised he was the teacher I had to work with to shift my consciousness and life forward.

In June this year I began 14 weeks of online learning with Kevin in his Hero's Journey online course. This period of intensive learning with him has changed so much internally for me. At the core of this journey, the aim of it, is something Kevin calls 'bulletproof happiness'. It's a happiness that's not reliant on the success of your business or blog or relationships, the amount of money you have in the bank or the way you look. It's a deep, calm happiness that comes from within and is fairly unshakeable, impervious to the inevitable ups and downs of life.

Kevin's process to get you to this happiness involves opening up that big, dusty box you hide away in the dark attic of your soul and looking at all the limiting stories and beliefs that run through your head all day long and putting them each to rest one by one, forever. And the process he teaches you is one you can keep using for the rest of your life as things come up, to keep expanding and expanding to greater happiness and truth.

As Kevin is also an astrologer, the course is peppered with astrology concepts, but not the kind where you'll learn to read your weekly horoscope. The course uses astrology as a framework to help you uncover and understand who you are on a very deep level by examining your birth chart, the astrological archetypes help to explain why you are the way you are, why you act the way you act or feel the way you feel in certain situations. You get to know yourself very well and how to account for your strengths and weaknesses as you go through life.

Five ways Kevin has helped me to shift my thinking...

1. Truth

Raising the truth quotient and questioning every story I tell myself...e.g. Was my friend really getting mad at me for nothing or could I have been more honest with them? Was that client really being unreasonable with their expectations or was I just taking too long to do the work? Getting to the bottom of your stories and telling the truth means you can actually do something about it next time and let go of all those emotions and resentments you're dragging around too.

2. Accountability

Standing up and being accountable for everything that happens in my life, instead of blaming others. If you're accountable, it means you're powerful, you make the good things happen as well as the bad so you can choose which you want more of, at any time, it just means making the hard choices at times.

3. No self-judgement

No more judging myself, there's no good or bad, there's just what I did and what happened and the only thing I can do is to do something different next time, or not, the choice and the consequences are always mine to own.

4. Unconditional love

Love, acceptance, light for all, including myself, no matter what. Everyone is walking their own path I know very little of and to think I can love or not love someone based on whether they please me or not is all ego.

5. Power

I am powerful beyond measure, can have anything I want, always have enough and my life's direction and happiness is completely in my hands.

Anytime I wonder how people bring forth incredible things into this world, I have to think it's soul work behind it all. If what you seek is to be happy and bring beautiful, important things into the world, as I do too, spiritual development and expanding your consciousness is a good way to find it and Kevin's course is a great way to get there.

If this all interests you, I'd highly recommend signing up to receive the free hour-long introductory lecture explaining the course and Kevin's teachings, you can sign up here. More details for upcoming course dates over on Kevin’s site!
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