Ayurvedic + Natural Beauty with Ula Blocksage: Video

One of my best friends in Paris, Ula Blocksage, herbalist, photographer, beauty, wellness and travel writer, emerged from my bathroom recently quizzing me on all the weird oils, powders and potions I had in there. I guess on my travels, I've picked up a few strange beauty products and practices from some of my favourite corners of the earth.

So Ula and I sat down recently to go through my beauty bag together and we filmed the whole thing for her YouTube channel. Ula's becoming my natural beauty spirit guide here in Paris, doing things like spritzing me in the face while we're out and about in Paris to test her new facial mist formulation, reminding me to exfoliate off the Paris pollution and hard water, and telling me what things like oil cleanses actually are. It's great.

Watch the full video below!


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