On The Road

Stop off at roadside fruit and veg' stalls, stop to admire the canefields and their flowers and on the way into Bowen make sure to get out at The Big Mango for a happy snap and pick up 100% pure Bowen mango sorbet at the Visitor Information Centre next door. A man called Pete drive up and down the coast delivering his homemade sorbet all-year round.

Seafood from the trawlers...

Head to Bowen Fisherman's Seafood Company where you can sit out back and eat on their deck looking out over all the boats in the port.

Afternoon Beach Crawl

Make your way slowly along Bowen's beaches, we started at Gray's Bay and made our way around through Cape Edgecumbe to Horseshoe Bay, collecting the most incredible shells I've eve seen along the way, climbing boulders, looking for mermaids and swimming in the clear, blue waters.

Stay For Sunset

Check the times for sunset here and find a nice, big boulder to perch on . top of the hill around the Cape Edgecumbe area looking out to the Coral Sea.

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